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Digital Missionaries: Impacting Our Community through Social Media Outreach

Title: Digital Missionaries: Impacting Our Community through Social Media Outreach


The church is more than just a building; it is a community of people who share their love for God and one another. One of the ways we can continue to impact our community is by embracing the digital age and using social media as a tool for outreach. Our church has launched a new Facebook initiative, and we are calling on our congregation to become "Digital Missionaries." By sharing inspirational, scriptural, and conversation posts, we can reach more people in our community and help them experience God's love and support.

The Power of Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook are powerful tools for communication and connection. Our church's Facebook page allows us to share uplifting messages, scripture passages, and engaging conversations. By liking and sharing our daily posts, we can extend our reach and impact a broader audience in our community. The more we share, the more our friends and neighbors will see our church's name and the messages we share.

The Role of Digital Missionaries

As a digital missionary, your role is to help spread the message of our church through social media. By visiting our church's Facebook page regularly, you can actively participate in sharing our daily graphics and posts. When you share these posts with your friends, they will see them in their newsfeeds, allowing our church to reach those who are hurting, in need of encouragement, or have not yet experienced the love of Jesus.

Prayer and Support

We believe in the power of prayer, and we ask that you take a moment to pray for those who will see our posts. Pray that they will be encouraged, challenged, and drawn closer to God through these simple acts of sharing. This is a great way to actively pray for our friends who may not be Christians or attend church regularly.


As we continue to impact our community, let's embrace the opportunities presented by social media to reach new people and introduce them to our church. By becoming digital missionaries, we can share the love of God, encourage, and create meaningful connections within our community. Let us work together to spread the message of hope and love, one share at a time.

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