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Anointed Ministries Global and Hollywood Outreach of Los Angeles are two organizations founded by Chief Pastor Kirk Carlson and Griselda Ortega, united by a common purpose: to build great people and spread the word of God across the globe. This mission began with the establishment of Anointed Ministries Global in Chino, California, and has since expanded to include an ambitious plan to plant churches in 43 nations and launch a Christian film company—Hollywood Outreach of Los Angeles.

The Journey of Anointed Ministries Global

The story of Anointed Ministries Global began when Pastor Kirk Carlson was charged by God to not just build great churches, but to build great people. With this divine directive in mind, Pastor Carlson established Anointed Ministries Global in Chino, California, laying a strong foundation for spiritual growth and community outreach.

The church has since flourished under Pastor Carlson's guidance, focusing on helping individuals develop a deep relationship with God, nurturing their spiritual gifts, and empowering them to make a positive impact on the world. As the ministry grew, so did its vision for global outreach and expansion.

Planting Churches in 43 Nations

Pastor Kirk Carlson's vision to plant churches in 43 nations is an ambitious undertaking that demonstrates his commitment to the Great Commission, which calls Christians to spread the Gospel and make disciples of all nations. Through strategic partnerships, training programs, and resources, Anointed Ministries Global is working tirelessly to establish churches that will serve as beacons of hope and faith in communities worldwide.

Hollywood Outreach of Los Angeles: A Christian Film Company

Recognizing the power of storytelling to inspire and transform lives, Chief Pastor Kirk Carlson and Griselda Ortega co-founded Hollywood Outreach of Los Angeles, a Christian film company. This innovative venture aims to create high-quality, faith-based films that will entertain, educate, and uplift audiences around the world.

By combining the spiritual foundation of Anointed Ministries Global with the creative talents of filmmakers, writers, and artists, Hollywood Outreach of Los Angeles seeks to produce films that resonate with diverse audiences, while sharing the message of God's love, hope, and redemption.

Kids in Church

Pastor Kirk Carlson, a visionary leader with a divine mandate, has taken up the call to gather an army of believers who see beyond the four walls of the church. Recognizing the need for Christians to be empowered in every aspect of society, Pastor Carlson has established the Anointed Ministries Global Academy (AMGA) and the AMG Ministers Training Center. These institutions, which trace their roots to the Hollywood Outreach of Los Angeles, are dedicated to demonstrating the love and power of God in every aspect of society.

Anointed Ministries Global Academy: A Unique Christian School

The Anointed Ministries Global Academy is more than just a Christian school; it is a transformative institution that aims to develop young believers into agents of change. Guided by biblical principles and values, AMGA provides students with a holistic education that combines academic excellence with spiritual growth. The academy offers a comprehensive curriculum, covering subjects like mathematics, science, history, and language arts, while ensuring that students develop a strong foundation in biblical studies.

AMGA's emphasis on character development, community service, and leadership training sets it apart from other educational institutions. The school's unique programs encourage students to explore their gifts and calling, and to recognize their potential to impact society positively. With an intentional focus on cultural diversity, AMGA creates an environment that fosters a deep understanding of different perspectives and empathy for others.

AMG Ministers Training Center: Equipping Leaders for Service

In addition to the Anointed Ministries Global Academy, the AMG Ministers Training Center plays a crucial role in preparing believers for effective ministry. The training center offers a range of programs designed to equip leaders with the skills, knowledge, and spiritual foundation necessary to serve in various capacities within the church and the wider community.

The AMG Ministers Training Center provides practical training in evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, and church administration. The center also offers specialized courses in areas such as worship, youth ministry, and media outreach. These programs are designed to meet the unique needs of each believer, ensuring that they are well-prepared to fulfill their God-given callings.

A Growing Consortium of Partners

Anointed Ministries Global has grown exponentially since its inception, attracting individuals, ministries, churches, businesses, and organizations who share the same vision. This diverse consortium works together to advance the Kingdom of God by demonstrating His love and power in every aspect of society.

By partnering with like-minded entities, Anointed Ministries Global is able to maximize its impact and extend its reach to touch lives and transform communities. Through collaborative efforts, the consortium aims to address pressing social issues, provide support to those in need, and foster a spirit of unity among believers.

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